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A landscape of rotting geography, rough and even inhospitable outcrops forming slates haughty and colored figures.

A river "vee" with fresh and clear water, all accompanied by thickets of rockrose, heather, strawberry and discontinuous forests of oak trees that blend with the places chosen by man for cultivation.

Beautiful chestnut trees cover the fertile slopes while the river banks are accompanied by alders, nogales, higueras, mimbres.

All this makes it one of the very old landscapes, emaciated and bravos, but of spectacular beauty which is a refuge for an extensive wildlife.

The effort has led its people, with a Mediterranean climate, growing different fruit species where we can find cherry, kakis, arbutus, olive, robles, nogales, higueras…

For lovers of flora have a difficult tree to find "MESTO" (HALF HALF ENCINA ALCORNOQUE).


Formerly there were wolves and Hispanic Pyrenean goat, bears and lynx (it is believed that there are still some lynx). Today the species that can be found in the area are: foxes, Black Stork, black vulture, alimoches, perdigueras eagles, peregrine falcon, Golden Eagle, otter and wild duck…

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